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Having challenges in finding backend development expertise for your business? Partner with our dedicated team of Node Js Developers to create high-performing, reliable and efficient web-apps. We offer a wide range of Node.js development services focused with latest technology to meet various client-centered requirements.
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Iknowledge Solution offers an extensive range of Node.js development services to help you build outstanding budget apps. The technology uses a JavaScript runtime environment to ensure optimal throughput and maximum scaling based on the input/output operations of parallel infrastructure.
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8 Awesome Node Js Features for every Developer

Cross-Platform Compatibility

NodeJs works over multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and other mobile platforms. Having the right structure, the code becomes self-reliant and can be executed across different devices.

Convenient Learning

Easy to learn, NodeJs is simple to learn if the developer is well-versed with JavaScript. The same language is used for both front-end and back-end development. That's why it's known for full-stack development.

Faster Deployment

Sed NodeJS being a lightweight tool facilitates quick app deployment. This advantage is highly demanded as most businesses want their product to be released quickly amongst users.

Scalable Projects

One of the major concerns when developing a software is scalability. NodeJs resolves this priority concern by running concurrent processes over available CPU cores. This feature of child processes makes NodeJs relatively interesting to use.

High Data Processing

Built with asynchronous data processing structure, all the requests are handled at the same time. NodeJs following an event-based development approach provides an output as soon as it gets the input from the user.

Community Support

Being an open-source language, NodeJs leverages a global community of experts who actively respond to developers. Tools, modules, packages and frameworks are free of cost.

Advanced Hosting

Utilizing PaaS (Platform as a Service) for the deployments, NodeJs requires less number of servers for hosting the application. This directly impacts the page loading time for the users and cuts it by 50%.

Rapid Streaming

Data coming as different streams saves a lot of processing time. NodeJs processes the file data at the same time while it is being uploaded. This overall improves the data and video streaming speeds for the user.

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