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The developers at Iknowledge Solution have years of experience working with React Native. For a variety of businesses of all sizes, we have achieved unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. Using our communication and team culture, we ensure credibility by helping you achieve clear business results.

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    Keeping transparency is important to us, so we follow sprint-based development as well as daily scrum meetings with ReactJS developers. Therefore, you should not be concerned about them understanding your process. Our ReactJS developers will impart their knowledge quickly and effortlessly to you.

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    Reasons to make the React Native switch


    Superb Performance and Speed

    React Native offers near native performance as one of its most interesting benefits. In spite of the fact that React Native isn't a native language, it provides you with a performance similar to that of native apps while providing the advantages of a framework – faster and easier development.

    Reusable Code

    You will not find a similar feature in the native frameworks, namely the 'live reload' function, which allows you to see changes made to the code immediately after making them. You can see the effect of anything you change in one screen on the other screen if you have two windows open – one containing the code, the other displaying the mobile screen.

    Faster App Development

    Because you write a single codebase for two or more applications, cross-platform development takes less time than native development. Many of the most common iOS and Android apps share up to 99% of their code. Startups, in particular, could greatly benefit from these services from both a time and budget perspective.

    Live Reload

    Compared to live reloading, hot reloading is a different process. The only thing it does is read the changes we make, then reload the component where they were made. An application does not need to read the app from the beginning, but it stays in its current state.

    Open Source

    Developers can use the libraries and frameworks in React Native for free since it is open- source. The software was also licensed under the MIT license, which places limited restrictions on how the software is reused while offering legal protection to developers.

    Great Developer Tools

    With a 42% adoption rate and over 90k stars on Github, React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks. Open-source platforms that are easy to access allow framework contributions from all developers, which is beneficial to them.

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